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Can You Help?

Do you have Type 2 diabetes and are aged between 18 and 65 years?

If you have no evidence of a pre-existing heart disease, we invite you to take part in a study, called PONTIAC II.  The trial will evaluate the effect of high dose treatment using blood pressure medications, to prevent cardiac events in people with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

Men and women who have had T2DM for at least six months can participate in this trial which involves four visits over 24 months and long-term follow-up by phone.

People with T2DM have an increased risk of developing heart disease. This risk is not the same for all diabetics. For optimal treatment, it is necessary to distinguish between people with a low or a high risk of heart disease. The distinction can be made using a blood test to measure the level of a hormone produced by the heart called NT-proBNP.

The NT-proBNP blood test in an earlier version of this study (PONTIAC I) was able to identify diabetics who are at high risk of heart disease. High doses of specific blood pressure drugs may reduce the risk of serious heart disease by more than half. Evidence from other research studies show that about 40% of diabetics without heart disease could significantly benefit from this therapy.


In this clinical study, we will investigate people with Type 2 diabetes without previous heart disease, to assess whether consistent treatment with blood pressure-lowering drugs benefits high-risk patients’ and those with a lower risk.

A total of 2400 people will be enrolled in this study from hospitals in Europe and Christchurch. We aim to enrol up to 200 patients from Christchurch.

Can you help us achieve that goal?

To find out more about this trial, please contact Cindy Kim on: 03 378 6137 or email:

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