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All the benefits of the cloud diabetic comfort shoe plus silver. Diabetic comfort shoe with Croslite Ag+™. Ideal for: ultra sensitive feet, impaired circulation, impaired sensation and diabetic feet.

Infused with a silver treatment. Super-soft footbed provides a gentle environment for sensitive feet, while the roomy toe box allows for use of a heavy sock without creating any tightness or pressure points on the foot. The protective front toe cap and elevated heel rim protect the diabetic foot from stubbing and bruising.

Croslite Ag+™

Nano-silver ceramic crystals are combined with croslite material, a unique shock absorbing material that is non-marking, slip-resistant, doesn’t break down, & is bacteriostatic. When this combination occurs, the end result is croslite Ag+. This material which is naturally anti-bacterial, effectively kills harmful strains of bacteria & fungi which are routinely at issue with foot infections, namely bacterial staphylococcus infections & fungal athlete’s foot infections. The anti-bacterial & anti-fungal environment of the CrocsRx Silver Relief & Crocs Silver Cloud can be a critical benefit for those susceptible to such infections.

Microbial tests were performed on the Crocs Rx Croslite Ag+ material. The tests concluded that there is a 90% kill rate for bacteria & fungi and is effective for a one-year period of time. Croslite Ag+ works by a slow, steady release of silver ions which maintains an effective concentration in and around crocsrx silver products. The silver ionic release rate is accelerated by three factors: heat, moisture, & saline concentration. In other words, the hotter & sweatier the feet become, the more silver ions are released to fight the increase threat of infection.

Croslite Ag+ material is effective with or without socks. Silver ions are extremely small – small enough to penetrate the cell walls of microbes, thus easily penetrating the sock material to reach the skin surface of the foot.

Why Silver?

Silver is a well-known, time-tested, anti-bacterial agent. Silver is currently used in eye drops, bandages, wound dressings, burn salve, topical ointments, and various other medical & non-medical products as a means of killing a wide range of menacing bacterial, fungal, & viral microbes. Certain medical conditions make a person more susceptible to skin breakdown, foot odor, & infection.

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