Nadia’s Kitchen Cookbook

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Nadia’s Kitchen is a must-have collection of delicious recipes that will become favourite staples in many homes. They are complete meals and arranged by seasons. As Nadia explains, ‘The recipes are divided into seasons as my cooking has always been largely driven by the produce in front of me; I like to pick what is freshest and then decide what to cook.’ Nadia’s training as a dietitian and nutritionist is evident throughout the book with the recipes being well thought out and balanced — with nutrition information for each. Interspersed with Nadia’s food philosophy the book includes simple tips and guidelines on how to eat well and most importantly to enjoy yourself too! Nadia advocates eating around a table with friends and family; snacking from nature not the vending machine; eating your colours; cooking for yourself; slowing down, savouring and enjoying your food; and eating for enjoyment and health in balance. Nadia Lim was born in Auckland, living there until she was six before moving to Malaysia where she lived for seven years. Her cooking style has been influenced by her Malaysian/Kiwi heritage — her Mother is Kiwi